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Competitive Landscape

Competitive Advantages / Breakthrough Opportunity
Identity theft is a national epidemic, but some firms also see it as a marketing opportunity. In fact, some credit bureaus and banks that facilitated the spread of easy credit--and in the process unwittingly made identity theft a more profitable crime--now sell services to help you avoid having your identity pilfered.

For $5 to $20 per month, a credit-monitoring service will alert you whenever your report changes. If a thief opens new accounts in your name, you’ll usually find out within a few days. Banks, credit-card companies and data brokers are pushing two basic kinds of identity protection: insurance plans that reimburse you for some out-of-pocket expenses from theft, and credit monitoring services that alert you when certain new information about you pops up at one of the three major credit bureaus. The truth about these services is that they do nothing to help if your purse or wallet has been stolen, which according to Javelin Strategy & Research is the most common and basic form of fraud.

Identity theft protection services generally perform four basic functions:
  1. They place “fraud alerts” with the three major credit bureaus. These are messages on your credit report that instruct creditors to verify your identification before extending credit in your name. (You can activate this yourself by contacting the credit bureaus.)

  2. They instruct the credit bureaus not to release your credit report to a third party without getting your permission. (By law you can do this yourself)

  3. They have the credit bureaus send you a copy of your credit report. (You’re entitled to one free report from each bureau annually, by federal law.)

  4. They request your name be removed from junk mail lists and pre-approved credit card offers, so you don’t wind up with credit offers in your mail box that could be stolen. (You can do this yourself any time at

The bottom line about current identity fraud services on the market is that consumers can perform all of the services being sold on their own, for free. Not only are they selling free services that consumers are legally entitled too, they do not protect from the most common and basic form of fraud.

The Sentry Card™ service will enter the market with the distinct advantage of being the only service offered which combats against lost or stolen credit cards by taking immediate action to clear up accounting issues and immediate steps to track thieves and prevent loss. The Sentry Card™ offers consumers a “watchdog” in their wallet to aid in the protection of accounts and the security of their good name. The licensee of the Sentry Card™ will reap the financial and branding benefits for years to come from being first to market with this phenomenal service.

Producs Features and Benefitss:
  • Identity fraud protection service
• Membership includes trigger card that looks like real credit card
• When thieves try to use “dummy” card the service is activated
• Service includes four complete steps to stop illegal use of identity
• Real-time notification of fraudulent usage to credit reporting agencies
• Early fraud detection and prevention
• Reduced losses to card issuers
• Reduced losses to merchants
• Reduced losses to cardholders
• Automatic deactivation of stolen cards
• Automatic activation of replacement cards
• Deterrent to credit card theft and fraud
• Communication to cardholders, card issuer and others
• Enormous target market


Comparable Established Products
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Licensing Opportunities
& Patent Information

What We Are Looking For:
Currently, we are seeking a licensing arrangement involving the patent to make, use, manufacture, market, and distribute Sentry Card™.
Please contact :

Mark Seegar,
Managing Partner,
Sentry Card International L.L.C.
at (817) 808-1836 or
e-mail at
to discuss this rare and lucrative
new product opportunity.

W e are not opposed to other arrangements such as Venture Capital or outright assignement of patent. If you have an idea on what would work best for you and your organization please let me know. I am available to discuss all options.

Patent Information
Mr. Seegar holds United States Utility Patent No. 6,955,294 filed on August 6th, 2004, and issued on October 18th 2005.

The patent for the Sentry Card™ expires in 2024 commensurate with the filing date. This patent has twenty-six claims that protect the exclusive design and function of the Sentry Card™ known as the patent for Apparatus and Method or Preventing Credit Card Fraud.


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