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Financial Forecast

This pro forma assumes that an extremely conservative percentage of the target market will purchase a one year plan during the first year on the market. It also assumes that the cost to the licensee is $12.99 per membership. Once the system is set up there will be very little overhead as most functions are automated and the majority of members will not require action taken against their accounts. An annual growth factor, based on a standard new product adoption curve, is assumed once the product gains market acceptance. Because members will renew service yearly, years 2-5 include a 5 percent increase in sales as well as membership renewal revenues, with a 10 percent decrease to account for non-renewals.

  $12.99   Yearly cost to licensee
  10   Estimated manufacturer’s mark-up to wholesale
  $129.99   Yearly cost to consumer
  173,000,000   Primary target market*
  0.020%   First year market share
  1   Number of units purchased per year
  34,000   First year sales
  14%   2nd year annual growth (early adopters)
  34%   3rd year annual growth (early majority
  34%   4th year annual growth (late majority)

  5th year annual growth (laggards or non-adopters)

Financial Summary
(Amount in $000s)

Revenues Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year4 Year 5
Total revenue to licensee 4,498 9,625 15,534 23,188 31,550
Cost of sales 449 512 687 920 1,067
Gross prifit to license 4,048 4,615 6,184 8,287 9,612
Grossprofit percent 90% 90% 90% 90% 90%
Units sold:
*Americans with credit cards
34,600 39,444 52,855 70,826 82,158

Licensing Opportunities
& Patent Information

What We Are Looking For:
Currently, we are seeking a licensing arrangement involving the patent to make, use, manufacture, market, and distribute Sentry Card™.
Please contact :

Mark Seegar,
Managing Partner,
Sentry Card International L.L.C.
at (817) 808-1836 or
e-mail at
to discuss this rare and lucrative
new product opportunity.

W e are not opposed to other arrangements such as Venture Capital or outright assignement of patent. If you have an idea on what would work best for you and your organization please let me know. I am available to discuss all options.

Patent Information
Mr. Seegar holds United States Utility Patent No. 6,955,294 filed on August 6th, 2004, and issued on October 18th 2005.

The patent for the Sentry Card™ expires in 2024 commensurate with the filing date. This patent has twenty-six claims that protect the exclusive design and function of the Sentry Card™ known as the patent for Apparatus and Method or Preventing Credit Card Fraud.


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