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What is Sentry Card?

Imagine this.. You've lost your wallet, or your purse has been stolen. Suddenly, all of your credit cards are in the hands of a thief. What do you do? For many, the answer is: nothing. Consumers may not even be aware that their credit and debit cards have been lost or stolen. As a result, fraud may occur before you know that you have become an identity theft victim.

Traditional identity theft solutions do little to address this problem. They do not deter a criminal from stealing your cards nor do they automatically prevent credit card misuse; instead, they seek to protect you by identifying patterns of activity that may be fraudulent. For identity thieves, this is not a significant deterrent since it does not go into effect until the thieves are already using your stolen cards.

The First Proactive Credit Card Fraud Prevention System
The Sentry Card™ is a new weapon against identity theft that provides participants a “trigger” cardor dummy card that looks like an actual credit card. The Sentry Card™ can have an issuing bank’slogo, a Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® or Discover® logo and cannot be identified by a thief.The trigger card waits among live cards and if used, immediately triggers a chain of actions that aid in the capture of the assailant and the restoration of all accounts. Because the Sentry Card™ participant is aware of the function of this card the only potential for use is by a thief.

The Sentry Card™ has the potential to stop consumer identity theft before the consumer even
realizes their belongings are missing
. Immediate response to fraud by the cancellation,
notification and issuance of new cards means less time life is interrupted and a quicker return to normalcy. In addition to these valuable benefits the Sentry Card™ has the potential to increase collected data on fraudulent users, reduce false fraud notifications and to save millions of dollars in claims. And that is what makes the Sentry Card System so powerful.

This product not only protects your credit, it also serves as a deterrent to would-be criminals. For the first time, identity thieves are detected and stopped dead in their tracks before a loss occurs.

This simple idea will have significant impact on credit card fraud and help reduce losses to consumers, retailers and card issuers. It will also help victims of identity theft to return to normal more quickly and with less cost and stress.

This site examines credit card theft and fraud, current solutions and how the Sentry Card System is a powerful new weapon to significantly reduce costs associated with the theft or loss of credit and other financial cards.







Licensing Opportunities
& Patent Information

What We Are Looking For:
Currently, we are seeking a licensing arrangement involving the patent to make, use, manufacture, market, and distribute Sentry Card™.
Please contact :

Mark Seegar,
Managing Partner,
Sentry Card International L.L.C.
at (817) 808-1836 or
e-mail at
to discuss this rare and lucrative
new product opportunity.

W e are not opposed to other arrangements such as Venture Capital or outright assignement of patent. If you have an idea on what would work best for you and your organization please let me know. I am available to discuss all options.

Patent Information
Mr. Seegar holds United States Utility Patent No. 6,955,294 B1 filed on August 6th, 2004, and issued on October 18th 2005.

The patent for the Sentry Card™ expires in 2024 commensurate with the filing date. This patent has twenty-six claims that protect the exclusive design and function of the Sentry Card™ known as the patent for Apparatus and Method of Preventing Credit Card Fraud.


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